Power Electrification Summit

– a yearly energy strategy conference about the future of energy, the circular and sustainable energysystem of tomorrow

– a yearly energy strategy conference about the future of energy, the circular and sustainable energysystem of tomorrow

Theme 2022: "Does technology solve the energy transition, or does society have to adjust?".

Sweden is gathering strength to become the world’s first fossil-free welfare society. This means a system transformation with changes in entire areas of community, sectors, and industries. The climate issue is one of humanity’s most significant challenges, and change must take place quickly. In this change, we in Sweden is a global leader when it comes to decarbonization.

Historically, humanity has developed society through the general use of technological innovations that have revolutionized agriculture, created an efficient industry, and taken us into an information and knowledge society. Swedish innovations have often been at the forefront.

This year’s conference addresses ongoing electrification and digitalization issues and what factors take the Swedish business community and society to the leading global position through the energy transition.

Can we trust that we have found the technology that solves the climate issue, or do we need instruments and innovations that drive societal change deeper than replacing fossil fuels with renewable alternatives?

On 2 and 3 May 2022, we gather the world elite to take further steps forward in the energy transition.


Power Electrification Summit is a yearly energy strategy conference about the future of energy, the circular and sustainable energysystem of tomorrow

The conference is a meeting place for high level stakeholders in the Swedish power industry focusing on innovations, technique and business models needed in the coming energy market. This year we are adding more of a global outlook.

Program May 4 2021

9.15-09.45 am
Breakfast seminars

10.00-10.05 am
Welcome and introduction
Moderators and hosts
(In Swedish)

10.05-10.25 am
Connecting Everything
Märtha Rehnberg, DareDisrupt
(In English)

10.25-10.45 am
Re-connecting Energy
Andreas Kuhlmann, Deutsche Energie-Agentur
(In Swedish)

10.45-10.50 am
Feedback & audience Q&A

10.50-11.00 am

11.00-11.25 am
Connecting Data
Anna Jäderström, Svenska kraftnät, Karl Bergman, Vattenfall, Sofia Eng, NODES, Tammoy Bari, Geenely
(In Swedish)

11.25-11.35 am
Connecting Innovation
Andreas Stubelius, moderator and Kjell Lindskog, innovator
(In Swedish)

11.35 am-12.30 pm
Innovation pitching session
Andreas Stubelius, moderator, Johan Söderbom, moderator + Jury & startup pitches
(In Swedish)

12.30-1.30 pm

1.30-1.55 pm
Connecting the Globe
Vanessa Miller, Microsoft, Mercia Grimbeek, SAWEA, Kristina Hojcková, Chalmers Institute of Technology, Miho Kurosaki, Bloomberg NEF
(In English)

1.55-2.00 pm
Feedback & audience Q&A
(In English)

2.00-2.30 pm
Case Marathon: Connecting X
Karin Jarl-Månsson, Siemens, Rob van Brunschot, Signify, Tomas Tronstad, Hyon, Karin Ebbinghaus, Elonroad, Keith Bell, professor
(In Swedish/English)

2.30-2.40 pm

2.40-3.05 pm
Connecting Power
Ola Hansén, WWF, Faisa Abdi, QC Renewable Energy, Jonas Jonsson, Stella Futura, Sergina Loncle, Kopernik
(In Swedish)

3.05-3.10 pm
Feedback & audience Q&A
(In Swedish)

3.10-3.40 pm
Connecting the Dots
Erik Brandsma, Jämtkraft, Cecilia Reuter, Nykvarns Energi, David Sonnek, Industrifonden, Åsa Pettersson, Energiföretagen
(In Swedish)

Matchmaking between large companies and startups

Wednesday, 5 May 2021